all birthdayed out

So yesterday was my 27th birthday. I got a bunch of emails wishing me a happy 30th birthday, sent by those apparently thrown off by the overly realistic fake ID in my previous entry. Boy, nothing gets past you guys, huh? tee hee

Anyway, so I'm not 30. But for the first time in my life, I feel closer to 30 than pretty much anything else. Which is a bizarre feeling, considering that I've spent my whole life trying to be older than I really am.

Having been born in October, I was always the kid in school catching up to everybody else when it came to the yearly milestone. You Virgos, Libras, Scorpios, and Sagittariuses know what I mean. I started kindergarten at 4, couldn't drive till junior year in high school (the horror!), wasn't a legal adult by graduation like everyone else, etc. etc. Frequently had to explain my unfortunate situation when asked "did you skip a grade or something?" My baby face never helped matters either. When I was 18 and bagging groceries at Fiesta Market in Sebastopol, customers used to ask me if I was getting paid under the table, since I was so obviously under the minimum age to legally work in California. I know, I know, totally complimentary- but try to tell that to the little girl who wants so badly to be taken seriously.

Well, I'm never gonna be 21, 25, or even 26 again. But that's ok. There are so many reasons to be a happy 27 year old today. Here are ten:

1. I have a great job

2. I have fab friends

3. I can rent cars

4. I can finally date someone my own age and not feel like the underage twins

5. Yes, Kevin and I are the same age

6. My mom says her 27th year was just ok, but her 28th year was amazing. So I have that to look forward to

7. I love my family with all my heart

8. I'm about to move to a new pad with one of my best friends

9. I get carded and it makes me blush instead of making me feel dumb

10. I've been drinking long enough to know that alcohol is poison and we're all better off without it

Happy birthday to me! By the way, don't let anybody tell you when Columbus Day is. It's the 12th. It's always the 12th. Forever and ever. And quit with the whole thing about how Columbus Day isn't really a holiday. Just let me have my holiday birthday!