I Require Efficiency!

Moving sucks. I know you know this, but I want to just state it once more for the record. I feel like I've been moving for a month, and I pretty much have. Heather and I have made our place a really cozy haven, but we still need dining room chairs. And a towel rack. And a shelf in the kitchen. And lots of plants. And more Christmas lights. And bathmats. And damn it if the sink isn't leaking again! And why are our landlord's 50 buckets of paint still sitting in the backyard? It can be an overwhelming experience.

Having said that, I love my new room, and roommate. I'm especially digging my new neighborhood (once a hippie haven to far-out folks like my dad, before he was my dad). Found the local health food store to be totally up to par and only blocks away. I'm feeling warm vibes all around, and I know now this was a good move. Now if my upstairs neighbor would just take off those stillettos before trampling around on the hardwood floor so I can get some mother$%^&@*! sleep.....zen, Sarah, zen.....

Oh, also for the record... my latest experience with Comcast cable installers has been nothing but pain and suffering. The first guy reeked of weed and couldn't figure out how to hook up my cable, after arriving one hour later than the cut-off time for my four-hour window. I'm not saying the weed was to blame, but he did just have that one task, after all. The second guy (the "supervisor") was an hour late for his prompt appointment the next morning and managed to get the cable working fairly soon. But then he proceeded to answer a phone call that involved a lot of cussing- he was shouting obscenities, actually- in the middle of my bedroom as I stood there in my bathrobe, needing some personal space and feeling just slightly put out. Just thought I'd share that little gem with you.

I'm glad the Playboy post got such a healthy debate going. More of that, please. I'm always listening.

They tell me it's time for a voice coach. I'm totally excited. It's such a bizarre job requirement that I can't help but be stoked to soon tell folks my pipes have been classically trained, dahling. Lord knows my voice could use a little expert advice anyway. The karaoke bars know the awful truth...

Watched the film "The Bachelor" last night on TV. Skip it. Why do they even make movies like that? Dumb premise, dumb flick. Also caught "When Harry Met Sally" on one of the rerun champ stations. That movie sure looks dated these days, but it's still a keeper. Billy Crystal rules.

It's time to go home and start measuring and cutting sheets of sticky-backed contact paper to fit inside small junk drawers so that little, unnecessary things can be stuffed inside them and I can feel better about never throwing anything away because the contact paper makes all the junk look more organized.

Yes, women are insane. I'm afraid of us too.

Have fun storming the castle!