Bye Bye Trolls

Yesterday I turned off anonymous comments on my moblog (Enter My Picture Box) in an effort to keep the leeches at bay. Now you need to be logged into TextAmerica to leave a comment on any of my gorgeous, creative, and artsy pics and movie clips.

Been working great so far! Nobody wants to talk shiiiat when they're out in the open, but am I at all surprised? Of course not.

Rumor has it TA is going to adopt this setting across the board for all moblogs soon. It's time to take out the trash.

However, I hope my added security won't deter all you moblog buddies from continuing to offer your witty comments as you always have in the past. You know who you are. Just login and go to town.

Kisses, kisses, many airborne kisses....

PS- Lots more video clips coming soon!