Vegas and other short stories.

So I just got back from Vegas for my friend Halley's bachelorette party. She's getting married in August and I can't wait! Weddings are fun. I have some pics from the weekend but I need to carefully scan before posting... I wouldn't want to taint my impeccable image. :)

However, there were some things about Vegas that got under my skin. For example, when walking down the Strip, the sidewalks are littered with flyers for various "adult clubs" and other porn entities. Nasty stuff, nothing censored. I guess they've been passed out, dropped, and left as litter. But there are a lot of kids who come to Vegas with their families and walk the Strip with the rest of us. Pretty inappropriate material for a little kid whose eyes are even closer to the ground than mine. Kind of how I feel about porn spam. It should be illegal.

Second, the guys that come to Vegas in large groups (frat dudes, bachelor parties, etc) can be obnoxious as all hell. I know Vegas is a giant playground, but personal space rules still apply, people! I think I've just grown out of the Spring Break mentality. Hey, a little conversation is nice, but just because you're wasted doesn't mean I want to hear about it.

It wasn't all bad, though. I mean, come on. Ten girls in cute outfits out on the town? Fun! But the true highlight of my weekend was the pool at the Bellagio, where we stayed. Actually, I should say pools because there are like five of them. Check it out next time you're there. Saturday was sunny, we were all zonked from Friday night, so under the umbrellas we went to bask in the desert sun, drink bloody marys, and swap magazines. Now that's what I call a good time.

Ok, so now I'm back at work and feeling disconnected. This is turning out to be a hellish week of work, since a few of my staff are going to E3 and I have to pick up more than usual in their absence (moan, groan). Hey, that's what I get in the real world. Suck it up, sister!

Here are a couple pics I love from my collection... now you can love them too...

Me, Halley, and Kerry (X-Play) in Kauai last year:


A really cute cat getting a little drink:


Peace all. Have a kickass Monday!!