I've Had Too Much Tea.

Peet's Coffee & Tea has this delicious blend of loose leaf green tea called "Sencha." It's truly the best tea I've ever had. Nice and smooth, not too flavorful, so you don't get sick of it. And packed with caffeine. Yes, PACKED!

I switched to tea about 5 years ago when I felt coffee was too much of a strain on my system. But my caffeine addiction needed to be fed. So I found Sencha green tea (loose leaf only), and have never looked back. The only problem is the tea leaves are scattered all over my cube at work and scare people from time to time.

Speaking of my cube, my supply of M&Ms, Oreos, and Rice Krispy Treats is slowly dwindling. Thanks to everyone who dutifully sends me SarahCam caps of those who taketh when I'm awayeth! :) Actually, I've been the office hero for a couple weeks ever since I got the candy shipments (thanks Terry), so it's definitely working to my advantage.

I could use some suggestions for how to spice up the cubecam too, so feel free to comment. Sorry, no tiki hut building or fire pits allowed.

Kevin has introduced an ant farm into the offices here at TechTV, and since I just happen to sit next to him, I get to stare at it all day. I've become rather transfixed with the way these little guys build and burrow and work in teams. Very impressive. On the flip side, I now imagine there are ants crawling all over me every time I get an itch. I love my job!

Today's pic is my very favorite CubeCam capture to date (have I mentioned how much I miss Megan?):