It's Friday and I'm ecstatic...

...and not really because I have a lot planned this weekend. Just want to kick up me little tootsies and have some tea.

So... in a couple of hours I'm off to interview Ellen DeGeneres and Brad Garrett (Everybody Loves Raymond), both voices for Pixar's new digital masterpiece, "Finding Nemo." I'm a huge fan of Pixar's work and I actually liked this movie even more than "A Bug's Life." And last night, I was lucky enough to be the first of a handful of journalists to view the movie inside Pixar's private screening room. Steve Jobs was there to welcome us and thank us all for coming. No prob, Steve- and thanks for dinner! Really entertaining movie, INCREDIBLE spfx, adorable for kids, but some of that adult humor too. Two thumbs up!

I also gotta say that Pixar's facilities kick major ass. What an awesome place to work! And here's a nice little touch- once the lights go down in the theater, twinkling lights appear on the ceiling, very planetarium... and then if you watch closely, you see a few shooting stars. Love it.

I'm heading up north to see my parents tonight. I can't wait to get on the couch and revert back to junior high again. Do you know that my mother made me breakfast every day of my life until I went off to college? Even if I slept in and missed breakfast, it would still be sitting there. It's amazing the cats never ate it. Anyway, three cheers for mom!

My favorite breakfast foods (pre-college):

1. Top Ramen

2. Cheese quesadillas

3. Grapefruit

My favorite breakfast foods (in college):

1. Mac n Cheese (leftover)

2. Top Ramen

3. Pizza (leftover, reheated in the toaster oven, microwave made it rubbery)

My favorite breakfast foods (present day):

1. Fruit smoothie (homemade, no Jamba Juice!)

2. Toast and cottage cheese

3. V8 and a banana

Good god, I may actually be growing up.

Today's pic requires no explanation:

Have yourself a merry little weekend.