Am I a Thief?

Last Thursday in my "Blog Report" I showed people how to view source code and copy and paste stylesheets to make their own blog styles cooler. I've since updated my article to make it MORE clear that stealing isn't ok and you need to know what consequences may arise if you do rip stuff off. I still encourage people to play around, but yeah, don't steal beyond experimenting unless you get permission. Thanks to the few folks that wrote me...yes, I know my morals are lacking, but I'll clean 'em up a little for the show. :)

Boy, being on-air is a really interesting experience. Sometimes I really feel like I came across well, and someone will criticize me from left field. Other times, I come away from my segments feeling like I coulda done a lot better, and I'll get some really cool praise in reponse. It's hard to always know. For now, what's most important to me is sharing cool shiiiat with the TSS audience. I'll continue to do that and hope you guys like it.

Today's pic is from a trip to Tahoe with the boyz (Prager's cabin is par-TEEEEEE central!)


Here's a little quiz. I hope you ace it. It's for your own good.

Hope your week's kickin off well....