Today's Word is Apoplectic.

My boss, Paul Block, wrote that on the whiteboard in my cube. I had to look it up. Then I had to wonder why he was experiencing apoplexy. But isn't that a great word? I consider myself an officer of the grammar police, but I'm constantly humbled by how many words I've never uttered before.

Here's another one (let the uttering commence!):

- A yellow-brown to black or green hydrocarbon wax, found in irregular veins in sandstones and used in making electrical insulation and polishes.

I'd also like to bring back an exclamation whose popularity seems to have waned sometime before I was making exclamations:
That just makes me laugh. Next time you're surprised, please exclaim that.

Moving right along, does anyone out there have credit card debt? Yeah, me too. I've had a nice big chunk of it since my college days, when I signed up for the now defunct "Webmiles" credit card. Oh, I could go into the whole thing, but let's just say I was young and naive. At the time, web-based miles seemed tres cool. What Internet bubble? Funny how when companies go out of business, miles disappear. And I was buying everything from gas to groceries on that thing. Silly girl.

Anyway, I'm almost done picking away at my credit card debt. I eagerly await the month when I can run free through the daisies and have money for things like DSL and more RAM!! Stupid credit card.

My favorite words to date:

My least favorite words:
Sleuth (I have taken issue with it ever since my Nancy Drew days, it was written at least once in every book)
Arachnophobia (I have this phobia, the word itself reminds me of spiders, there is nothing good about it, all bad)
Phlegm (spelling is all over the map and I got sick typing it)

Today's pic is my best impression of a flippant, yet thirsty, lady: