The English Language is Sneaky.

Ever wonder why some words are either spelled or sound exactly the same, but mean different things? I do. Who's responsible for this?

Ok, there's close and close.

to you,
Close that door.

Or, read and read.

I read that book last weekend.

I'll read that book Friday.

Um, how bout deer and dear.

My dear, you look ravishing.

The deer are grazing.

She breaks bread at dawn.

My car's brakes squeal and it annoys me.

That thyme goes in my stir fry tonight.

It's time for me to get the hell outta here.

So I'll see you tomorrow.

I'll be heading out to sea when the moon's full again.

As she leaves, a man knocks into her and spills wine all over her

Wanna run and play in the leaves with me? back so hurts right now.

Baby got back!

We might be late cause we gotta pick up the beer tap.

dancers amaze me.

You're so mean. Go jump off a cliff.

My dear, whatever do you mean by that?

I'd like a piece of that action.

, man.

That's quite a rite of passage.

Make a right here at the light. Oh damn, you missed it.

I could go on and's addictive! Have more?