I crave a tuna melt like never before.

So Kevin and I were just talking about our shared love for tuna melts. More specifically, the tuna melts they make over at the New York Street Cafe, which is half a block from our TechTV studios. For some reason, these tuna melts take an exceptionally long time to make (15 minutes of salivation is just unnecessary, don't you think?), but oh, the reward is so very satisfying.

Now, because of our conversation, I must have a tuna melt before I wither up and die right here. Hold the onions, please.

I've gone back and forth from love to hate and back again with the local restaurants and cafes around our offices and studios. Inside our main office building is a basic run-o-da-mill breakfast/lunch cafe called Cafe Moda. When I first started working here, I was totally dependent on Moda to keep me alive, for I had absolutely no time to actually venture BEYOND my building for nourishment.

Problem with captive audience cafes like this is everything inside them is too expensive. I grew to like Moda less and less. $6.00 for half a spinach salad? Hell no, I won't pay! And I didn't want anyone else to either. So I founded a company-wide protest group, TSAM (TechTV Staffers Against Moda). Many joined, but quickly fell from TSAM grace as their bellies ached and clocks ticked. TSAM is now officially on review with the Board of Directors because of insider trading (yes, I crossed the picket line. I was so hungry!). So, Moda's back. I love spinach salads. Whatever.

Then there's the NYSC across from the studios. They, too, have what I consider to be ridiculous prices when it comes to simple avocado sandwiches. For a good month, I refused to enter their premises. I chose instead to live off the soda crackers and Cup-o-Soups stocked inside our studio kitchen. But slowly as my body began to eat itself in protest of salt-in-a-cup snacks, I gathered up my pride and slithered back to NYSC for an avocado sandwich. Now, I'm in there almost every day. Sometimes for just a sumptuous peanut butter cookie, other times to devour the mighty tuna melt. Today is all about the latter.

So anyway, I think the moral of my story is that I'm weak and lazy and choose to spend my hard-earned $$ rather than pack a lunch. But I'd like to think I'm also paying homage to my local cafe. I don't know... I'm just really hungry and I need a f***ing tuna melt before I freak out.

Today's pic clearly represents my endless enthusiasm for my job, and of course the nook game we like to call "King of the Hill. " Two people stand on the edge of the nook. They push each other till someone falls. The winner does a little dance. I'm really good at this game.