Naysayers R Us

So I've learned a lot about how people act when you start up a blog. For example, if they don't like something you said, or they just don't like you, they'll post it in the comments section. And that's ok, because blogs aren't all about rosy flowers and praise and happy times. It's a forum for discussion... and as a new member of the on-air world, my skin thickens with each passing day.

But then you get the weird anonymous posts that are either 1) lewd, 2) mean, or 3) misleading.

1) Lewd is lame, and it's either underage boys, green-eyed monsters, or just lonely adults looking for some online fire. The third scenario is clearly the worst. Might I suggest a nice run on the beach?

2) Mean is just, well, mean. Who wants mean people around? I don't. And I know you don't.

3) But what really gets me is the dude that posts in the comments section as ME, and says things I would never say, just to upset my readers. What a bummer. There's really nothing I can do, because I said at the beginning of this little blog project that I wouldn't resort to turning off comments. I really like your comments, and I read them religiously. But what I can do is refrain from posting in the comments section at all. That way, if there's something posted by me, you can rest assured it wasn't me. I'll try to stay on top of taking out the other crap too. You guys don't deserve to read that shit when you come to my house.

Ok, now that we've cleared that up... here's my pic of the day (from my favorites vault). I really don't understand this one, or remember it for that matter. Long live the SarahCam!


I'm also trying to figure out if certain food consumption before bed increases instances of vivid dreams. I dream abundantly every night, but sometimes they're bad dreams. Aside from the obvious stress culprit, I think it might be what I'm eating. Thoughts?