9 days till the Matrix.

Or....technically 8 days cause it comes out at 10 pm on the 14th. I will be walking the streets of San Francisco with a camera that night, looking for the biggest Matrix fans around and showing you the results the next day. Then, after proving my Matrix faith, I will make all who come before me to call me Trinity (that hasn't caught on yet around the office. I'm not sure what the problem is).

I highly suggest you check out my TSS article for the Animatrix links. A really great way to get some background on the Matrix plot. Seriously, that stuff is far out! And when I say far out, I don't know if it's good or bad. Anime is weird. It makes me feel weird. I like it because it's clever and creative and very sci-fi chic, but something creeps me out about the big eyes and unhuman-like movements and almost beautiful violence. I have a lot of friends who LOOOOOVE anime. I want to love anime too. But then Seinfeld reruns come on.

I'll definitely be posting some pics making this here blog a lovely spot to stop and smell the roses for awhile, but please don't hesitate to comment with ideas as well. After all, the blog is really not a self-serving kind of thing as much as a mechanism of sharing.

Something about that last sentence made me laugh.

Oh, one more thing before I go... Studio B is really cold when they turn the lights out, and I'm the only one here and everybody's gone and things keep making funny noises and I'm pretty sure that little girl from The Ring is going to get me.

Outti 5000....

PS- Don't forget to hug your pets! :)