Sarah. Sauced.

Yeah, I was in full form last night. There's something very unique about TV parties and alcohol. Leo was dancing. Dancing hard. Foo Foo was dancing with Leo. Two people on our staff kissed (not the two you're thinking of! scandal! yes!). I'll have pics soon. wooooooooo

We also got a pleasant surprise last night when Megan, Marco, and Annabella showed up! The little one slept through the whole thing. I actually sort of freaked out when I saw Annabella and Megan together. Such a proud mother, such a cute baboo! I was so moved I actually started crying. Megan laughed at me. Then I ordered a vodka tonic on Leo's tab. The password at the bar was 'tiger.' I kept forgetting. Kevin kept reminding me. And the Foo kept dancing.

PS- Dr. Weil was on Larry King tonight... yes!