I love nVidia.

I love nVidia because they sponsor our LAN parties and provide us with great graphics cards. But when we're very, very good, once in a while they take us to Blowfish: Sushi to Die For!

Blowfish is one of the BEST sushi restaurants in the city. Fresh fish, intriguing menu, anime playing on TV screens around the tables. I know, I know, I hate anime. But I appreciate their effort.

I'm sitting in the nook right now, wondering if Dan was lying to me when he told me he ate a salad for lunch today. This is the same guy who refuses to eat tuna because it comes in a can that looks like cat food.

Prager keeps trying to steal this computer every time I walk to the printer.

Heather just walked by complaining of terrible vertigo that was brought on by a game of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. She can barely keep her eyes open.