Look Who's Talking

I'm about to admit something very random. I hate it when real babies and animals talk with adult voices in movies.

  • Bruce Willis as the baby in "Look Who's Talking" - absolutely creepy. Babies aren't middle aged, balding men. Horrible.
  • Those e-greetings that got sent around online a couple months ago with the baby singing about what goes on in his diapers... adult voice again. Unforgivable.

Now, I don't mind animated characters having adult voices, because there's no option for them to use their "real voice," with one exception:

  • Garfield's voice when the cartoon got animated. Very Ben Stein sounding. Ruined Garfield for life. Who's with me?

There are a million other examples of this nightmarish practice. Personally, I think babies and animals should just use their own voices. So what if it's not English?

Moving right along... Santa Barbara was fun! And hot! I'm consistently amazed every time I visit that kids at UCSB get anything done. Both Friday and Saturday nights I slept through about a dozen house parties coming from our block. Long live earplugs. The nice thing about looking young, though, is that I fit in with the masses fine. It's like I can relive college parties again without seeming like that lame older kid who can't move on and get a job. I can probably keep this up till I'm 35 (yeah that's a little too lame).

The weeks are peeling away until my big vacay! I've decided to leave my fabulous Nikon SLR at home, and instead pack light. The last time I was in Europe my Nikon really weighed me down, even though the pics it took were amazing. So, I'm leaving all the lenses at home and going digital! Still have yet to figure out which cool, new camera I'll bring along, but I'll certainly put it to the test, and let you know how it held up.

The garbage men woke me up at 4:45 am this morning, like they do every Monday morning. I'm convinced they're trying to upset me. It's working, guys! Two thumbs up!

I also have 2 baby pigeons living in a nest in a little corner of the roof right outside my bedroom window. Pigeon babies don't look anything like adult pigeons. Really fuzzy and sweet. I was really annoyed when I discovered the nest, because I don't need any more feathered friends hanging out at Casa Lane. But I can't say no to those little beaks. Sigh. Let's hope they learn to fly out of the city and make a nice home in the redwoods.

I've always blamed my parents for my poor fashion sense as a child. My mom always says, "You wouldn't let us dress you so we just let you wear whatever you wanted." I like the Run-DMC sweats, but I'm pretty sure I didn't pick this haircut.

Happy week!