Dr. Strangelane

So I'm flying down to LA on Friday to interview Rowan Atkinson and Natalie Imbruglia of "Johnny English." Very funny flick, by the way! And I don't even like comedies. Dan/Foo/Fluffins is insanely jealous, as Miss Natalie made his Top Five Hottest Girls list.

Yes, I know the full list. Ranked as follows:

5. Natalie Imbruglia

4. Elizabeth Hurley (replaced Tiffani Thiessen in intense last-minute showdown)

3. Julia Stiles

2. Kelly Hu

1. Zhang Ziyi

Natalie didn't make my list, but that's only because I don't have a list. But if I did, I think Brad Pitt would edge everyone else in the world out, except maybe George Clooney.

And yes, I really liked Ocean's Eleven. It's proof that God exists.
Apologies to all other celebrities.