Why TV is Funny.

I love shooting in the field. You get to get out in the open air, get out of the cube, smell the flowers, or at least the fumes of the car in front of you as you drive something other than your work route.

But it's the little gems that make these shoots worthwhile. If you didn't catch Thursday's show, we aired Patrick's Digital Digs segment, where I visit his garage (no, he wouldn't let the whole crew hang out in the main house). The absolute highlight of the day was me discovering his Hello Kitty guitar in the corner, singing the "Oh Patrick Patrick" song, and somehow flustering Patrick so much he slipped and brought down an entire bookcase and everything on it. Priceless!

You can see the unedited version HERE.

That's why TV is funny. And also because of Conan O'Brian. That guy rules.

Next Tuesday I'm crashing Yoshi's pad. If I'm lucky, I'll escape without "modification." Heeeee! God, I kill me!