Pirates are the new black.

So I had a chance to see the screening of "Pirates of the Caribbean" over the weekend. I loved it, and not just because of the big wooden ships. No, I'm convinced that pirates are making a big comeback in today's world. Pirate skeletons, curses, eye patches, hidden treasure, skeletons, plank walking, scurvy... what's not to like? Uber-hip. Mark my words, diamond studded eye patches will be seen on Galliano's runways this fall.

Oh, I forgot to mention Johnny Depp's gold teeth. He's kept them since the movie wrapped. In our interview, he showed me all the caps, and there are quite a few- but he hasn't been back to his dentist to have them removed. I'll just say right now that Johnny Depp is the coolest actor I've met yet. Gracious, intelligent, friendly, cool as shiiat, a real gent. I knew he'd come through.

In more pirate news, Puzzle Pirates, the online pirate pillaging game, is a big favorite around the office (particularly with Joshua Brentano). My pirate handle is "Grizzly Dread." Meet me online and I'll challenge you to a swordfight! Arrrrrrrr.

And if you aren't buying my pirate trend theories just yet, how about a pirate themed bar? Yes, I've been there. It's in Oakland on Thursday nights, in a neat little fishing house along the bay. We all participate in pirate songs along with an authentic band of old pirate dudes with tats, stripes, and bandanas. Beer, peanuts, and loud singing is encouraged. Gotta love it.