Everything I Need to Know About Myself...

...I learned from Google searches. A search for me on the beloved search engine reveals these ten little known facts:

10. I play women's soccer in Wheaton, Illinois. I'm a midfielder.

9. I'm also a marketing manager at MIT.

8. In 2002 I was the National Arts winner in dance for my ballet skills.

7. Interestingly enough, was born in 1642 in Milford New Haven CT, and died about 40 years later.

6. I then played Cosette in Les Miserables at the Palace Theater in London. My parents were very proud.

5. I'm currently a lawyer. I also pay the violin and like badminton.

4. When inquiring about the International Council on Mining and Metals, I'm the one to talk to.

3.  I'm an abstract painter.

2. James McVarlo married me in 1710 and made me his widow in 1755.

1. Thankfully, I was crowned Miss Washington County Fair in 2001.

Yes folks, those are my stats, courtesy of Google. Don't even get me started on the number of results that claimed I am a street.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.