A Swarm of Bees.

Did you know that my colleague Martin Sargent's greatest fear is killer bees? I'm not talking about a little fright here and there. The man is terrified of bee swarms, and carefully follows news on killer bee attacks around the world.

I personally have no problem with bees. I've been stung here and there throughout my life, and while they're really annoying and itchy while they heal, I have bigger issues with mosquitoes.

Which brings me to my gripe of the week: I'm having a mosquito problem in my house. IN SAN FRANCISCO! There are no mosquitoes here! Or so I thought until recently. I got sucked pretty bad by a bloodthirsty vampire not too long ago, and I wrote it off as an unfortunate fluke for my shoulder. But then one morning last week I woke up to find 7 bites scattered across my body! WTF? I didn't even hear the little buggers buzzing around my ear. Oooo, doesn't it just make your skin crawl thinking of that little buzz? Anyway, I can't for the life of me figure out where they're coming from. I've been keeping my windows closed around dusk, but again this morning I saw a little guy fly past my eyes, so I know they continue to cohabitate with me. I hate them all and want to evict them. Be gone, horrid insects!

Today's pic gives me that fuzzy yesteryear feeling. Patrick had the cubecam, and we couldn't stay away! I wonder if Annabella will inherit Megan's bubble skills?