When Breathing Strikes Back.

Here's an interesting problem: I'm having trouble breathing. It's not like asthma, where inhaling air itself is difficult, and it's not like a chest cold, where my breathing is haggard. Nope, I'm just forgetting to breathe.

I'll estimate that this has been going on for about a week or two. And it's very troublesome, because who forgets to breathe? I seem to be going for periods of 20 seconds or so, then realizing that I'm holding my breath, then trying to take deep breaths and getting lightheaded. I have no idea what's going on.

I did a little research on health message boards and surprisingly, my problem isn't that uncommon. Which eases my nerves a little. Although many people who have described the same symptoms as me are now being treated for panic attacks and/or anxiety disorders. Oh dear. I really don't think I have those. Do I?

I can't help but wonder if my performance anxiety is at least partly to blame. It's not easy to throw yourself into the gig I've got (and still keep your other job, too). While I'll admit the conscious stage fright left me after a few tries, the overall stress and desire to perform well certainly stayed. Everyone I work with who's on-air-been-there-done-that tells me that this too shall pass. I hope so, because I miss my oxygen. Work, stupid lungs!

On a somewhat related note, I learned this from my dictionary.com newsletter today:

stertorous \STUR-tuh-ruhs\, adjective:
   Characterized  by  a  heavy snoring or gasping sound; hoarsely

I don't think I snore. But I do sleepwalk. In another entry I'll tell you about my adventure at the Bellagio in Vegas. It's better than fiction.

And if things weren't strange enough, I had a dream last night that I was trying to sleep in my cube but forgot my favorite pillow. Wait, it gets better. The next day, my boss announced they were promoting me to work on Martin's show, Unscrewed. He said I got a big raise, but wouldn't tell me how much. I kept wandering around, wondering what my new hours were.

Somebody needs a vacation. Bad.
Seven weeks till Europe!