Sausages and Apple Sauce: A Winning Combo

Actually, I'm a vegetarian so I don't eat sausages. But Boca meatless sausages will convert any link lover (get the Italian flavor), and the apple sauce sort of cuts down the salt. Thanks to the nice lady at the Whole Foods sample booth who let me eat three because I was really hungry that day. It's the best snack since mangoes and cottage cheese!

Just got back from an awesome, relaxing weekend in Santa Cruz, where I stayed in a little cottage on a secluded cove. Santa Cruz is one of my favorite weekend getaway spots in Norcal. It's full of beach freaks and varying degrees of overindulgence, but you gotta love that funky surf town vibe! And we lucked out with the weather, too.

I refuse to visit SC without at least one ride on the Giant Dipper at the Boardwalk. It's not the scariest, fastest, or newest rollercoaster, but it's still my absolute fave. The tunnel has a certain smell- always reminds me of the first time I mustered up the courage to ride.

A car just passed my window, its entire left side adorned with strips of duct tape that spelled "GET OFF THE PHONE AND DRIVE." I love San Francisco. But I also talk and drive, so actually it's me they're angry with.

Does it bother you when sentences are ended in prepositions? With regards to the previous paragraph, I believe correct form is "so actually it's me with whom they're angry." But that just doesn't sound like something I'd say.

Do you have word peeves? I do. Here are my top 5:

1. All usage of the word "ain't"

2. When "anyway" is made plural to "anyways"

3. The pronunciation of "Illinois" with a not-silent S

4. The phrase "Alls I know is..."

5. Catsup

But I am by no means off the hook! Here are 5 common peeves others say about my own language grasp:

1. "Dude" as an exclamation

2. Overuse of "like." I try, but it keeps coming out before every sentence.

3. "Stoked." I find this to be a perfectly suitable expression for being psyched, but people point and laugh at me.

4. Shortening of words for no reason: fabulous/fab, usual/us, difference/diff

5. Slurring perfectly delightful words like "probably" into "prolly" and spelling them that way on IM

Different strokes, different strokes. Variety makes me happy.

You know those pictures they try to sell you after you get off a rollercoaster that snapped you as you were coming around that big turn, hair straight up and mouth wide? We bought ours. It was $10 for two photo magnets. The nice man behind the counter threw in a photo keychain for free. I suspect he had really just accidentally printed three photographs, but we thanked him all the same.

My fridge is now running out of room for magnets. The fridge itself is completely hidden behind a mess of photos, clippings, recipes, stickers, and postcards. It gives so much color and life to my kitchen. Every time a new pic worthy of display comes around, I carefully rearrange the fridge to accommodate the new addition. There's a complicated pecking order regarding which pics deserve "above the line" status and which get stuck below freezer level.

If you were going to Ireland, would you be curious to visit N. Ireland? There's some concern about safety in those parts, but that's part of the intrigue for me. I'm going to be all over the UK in a few weeks, so post your best suggestions! I'm looking for those hidden gems not overrun by tourists, which is a tall order in the summer, but I know they exist.