Fun For the Whole Family.

So in the interest of keeping you all entertained, I'm forgoing my usual thoughtful, witty blog commentary for some fun Internet tasks.

Mission #1:
First person who figures out the URL to my test page and posts it in my comments section gets a Lifetime Achievement Award! It's not my finest effort, so try to look past that.
(You'll know if you're right)

Mission #2:
Take this quiz to find out how long you have. Then go hug someone.

Mission #3:
Find out what Googlisms are associated with you. And although I'm open 5 days a week, don't think you can stay a minute past 2 am!

Closing up the doors and let you out into the world... 

And for those of you who write me wanting pics, I have obeyed. Please send treats.

Luther has great taste in reading material:

A small child once tried to steal my mango:

Kevin's handwriting is funny sometimes:

In closing, is there anything tastier than leftover Indian food?
I didn't think so.