Movies that don't completely suck.

I love film. Nothing makes me happier (or sadder) than a brilliant movie. That said, my favorites list is an eclectic one, and not without some conflicts. (I've left out all SW and LOTRs because of the obvious factor).

1. Magnolia - one of the most moving 2 1/2 hours I ever spent. Went alone to the theater and cried like a baby. BTW, going alone to the theater is really fun!

2. The Princess Bride - Rob Reiner's classic tale of true love, giants, and swordfights. It's one of those movies I know all the words to, and am always highly disappointed when people don't get my references.

3. Austin Powers-Goldmember - Surprisingly enough, I wasn't in love with the first two in this series. I loved the third. There's nothing funnier than this movie. I generally think that people who don't agree with me are axe murderers.

4. The Breakfast Club - I saw this movie in 1986, a year after it was released. It was R rated, and I knew my parents would be mad at Kari Wallerstein's parents for letting me watch it, so I didn't tell them. Always takes me back to being an 80s kid and lusting after Molly Ringwald's dance moves. Don't even talk to me about John Hughes' other stuff. BC rules all.

5. High Fidelity - A wonderful love story/John Cusack masterpiece. Who doesn't love a good John Cusack? Damn, if you know what it's like to have loved and have lost --that's all of us, weep weep-- you'll relate. Also a must-see for music snobs across the world (we're better than you, nyah!)

6. Being John Malkovich - Because of this movie, I love Cameron Diaz (even after Charlie's Angels). Spike Jonez never ceases to amaze. I really want a porthole. Please let me know where I can find a good one.

7. Monty Python and the Holy Grail - This is silly English humor at its best. Walk, don't run, to your nearest video store and get your laugh on, trick.

8. Amelie - Possibly the most beautiful and positive film I've ever seen. Audrey Tatou is luminous and her performance made me want to change my life for better. And who doesn't want happiness in Paris? Awesome, awesome. And the DVD has some killer cinematography extras. Go rent it or I will cry.

9. Snatch - It's very hard for me to give props to my least favorite entertainer's husband, but hello! This movie is sooo awesome, and features my favorite actor in a, shall we say, less glamorous light...which is exactly how I love my men. And diamond heists are da bomb. And I've always wanted to be a gypsy. I'm pretty sure I am.

10. The Sound of Music - I've loved this movie since before I was born. It's undoubtedly a musical to end all musicals. I've converted many men to the Julie Andrews way. You can't tell me you don't like "Do Re Mi." The very best part is when he messes up and calls her "Captain" instead of "Fraulein" after they come back in their drapes/playclothes. I'm convinced it was a line flub and they left it in.

Yes, my list slightly changes from time to time, but these are pretty much my trieds and trues.

I'm listening.. tap tap tap....