3 days till blast off.

I can't believe I'm leaving for Europe in 3 days. I feel totally unprepared. So far I have my passport and my sleeping pills for the plane. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with planning a vacation and it sort of depresses me. That sounds ridiculous, I know. I can't explain it.

In the random department, while I was napping midday yesterday I had a dream that my cockatiel died in my hands right as I was about to give him a bath. I really did have a pet cockatiel for about 7 years as a kid, but he flew away. And I never actually gave him a bath. It was a very strange dream. I'm going to blame it on midday napping in the heat.

If you're sensing a less-than-thrilled attitude between these lines, you may be onto something. I had a terrible allergy attack up in Sonoma County yesterday and although I'm all healed today, it took the wind out of my sails. Those who have severe allergies will know what I mean... you can't sneeze 500 times in a single afternoon and not be a little out of whack.

In happier news, I'm getting a haircut tomorrow! I really love going to the salon. It's a fun place- we drink tea and chat and read magazines and for one day my hair looks really beautiful and perfect afterward. If only I had the time or energy to turn that hair dryer between visits, I'd really be in business. But sleeping in always wins.

Ho hum.