"I Heart My New Nikon," by Sarah Lane

I've been loving my new Nikon 5400 digital beauty up and down the block in our first week together. Man, I don't know how I'll even get through all the features before I get to Europe! I'd go through all the features, but if you care enough to muddle through the specs I think they say it better than me.

Now, I have issues with flashed pics. Yeah they keep everything crisp and clear, but they often sterilize the scene. The 5400 has about five million different flashless options for a clarity snubber like me. I think I'm in love!

Girl falls for DJ:

The Union closes in on the Confederates:

Foo Foo tears it up:

A lovely spot for a haircut and a Corona:

Warm hearts in a red room:

I have to start packing! I'll be en route in less than 24 hours! Good god!