I Love My New MT Icon!!

I feel smart. I wanted a button just like the new Blogger button on Google Toolbar 2.0, so I made one! Whee!

I explain how to do it in this week's Blog Report. Give it a read, and then get busy making one of your own! I'm curious to see how much better yours looks than mine.

Yesterday was Sumi's goodbye party at a little bar called the Monkey Club. Good times were had by all, and some blasts from the past of TechTV showed up too! Bye Sumi. I'll miss your incredible professionalism, intelligence, and wit!

Somewhere in the middle of goodbyes I invented a new drink called Stoli Vanilla and seltzer. Actually, I'm sure it's been done before, but I'll take credit anyway. I've decided tonic is horrible and shouldn't be consumed (have you ever tried straight tonic water? It's revolting), so I gave seltzer a go. Soooo much better. Aces!

And....drum roll please.... the winner of my blogger.com test page challenge from my last entry is:

MATT C!!!!!!!
Matt, you've just received my first annual Lifetime Achievement Award!
(The theater swells with uplifting music)

Toodles for now, my scarlet begonias.