More Blog Options.

I really love you guys. Why? Because you send me neat ideas all day long.

My favorite over this nice long weekend came from Phillip, who tipped me off to Zempt, yet another alternative way to update your MT blog without actually logging into your MT Main Menu.  Why Zempt?  Well, for starters I'm adding this entry without being connected to the Internet and having to log in.  And I have a Spell Checker, along with other Word-like features (see my screen capture
for a better idea) And I can preview my post just by tabbing over. Fun!

But it's not perfect for a few reasons... I cannot seem to find a way to upload a file (image or otherwise) the way I can inside MT. How annoying! Will someone please let me know if I'm overlooking an incredibly obvious solution? Because if you're a frequent pic poster as I am, this lack of feature is a HUGE drawback!

I'm also having a problem getting my line breaks recognized. For example, I'm adding BR tags between paragraphs to avoid posting a huge block of text that runs together. Lame.

Update: checking out Mike's suggestion- w.bloggar- now.

Update #2: OMG! w.bloggar is the shiiiat! Zempt can't currently compete. I guess I jumped the gun yet again in my quest for a perfect blog experience. It's all a big experiment, kids! And you know what? I enjoy testing out similar software, finding flaws, and making software choices based on my findings. Maybe I'm a scientist after all.

I'm wishing I didn't have to go to work tomorrow. I want the weekend to last, and last, and last....(name that commercial)