TSS. Live.

So as I mentioned during the top of TSS today, I'm blogging about everything going on behind the scenes on le Screen Savers, live, bit by bit.

A block: Foo Foo has eaten all of my cookies. Justin's our first caller, but he's SOL since he had his TV turned up (we asked you not to do that, Justin!) and the audio delay confused him and we had to hang up.

B block: My buddy Adrian Lamo is a little nervous about all the people in the audience, but I tell him to just look at Leo and don't be nervous! He's doing great. Very smart guy. Very interesting green eyes. Before the show he showed off for me and pulled up almost every address I've lived at within the last 10 years. And that's a lot.

C block: Kevin and Leo are Dark Tipping. Ah, those crazy boys and their soldering! (Before the show, I was drumming on the table at the lab and Yoshi yelled at me for interrupting his solder sesh.) Meanwhile, Pat's sitting at homebase surfing desertrides.com. He thinks nobody's paying attention. Hmmm.... Jessica's reading the chat room posts and giggling at something somebody wrote (I saw my name! I saw my name!!), and Dan's taking calls for later on in the show.

Commerical break between C and D blocks: Paul comes over to the nook to tickle me. I HATE being tickled!!! But I laugh anyway because that's what happens when you get tickled and so the joke continues. Grrrrr. Kevin comes over to ask how his segment was and I say it was very good, dear, and give him a cookie.

D block: Tivo Hacks! We're having a little Tivo hiccup in our segment. Nothing's happening on screen. Ick ick. Leo and Pat are doing their best to improvise, but it always really sucks when stuff like this happens live. The show must go on, and so it does. Thank god I work with my boys- they're total pros!

Commercial between D and E: Paul tries to tickle me again. I kick him. He runs. Kevin's back but the cookies are gone. He sulks. Yoshi's chatting on AIM with someone whose handle I don't recognize.

E block: An incredible explanation of the making of the skeletons in "Pirates of the Caribbean" is happening at the bench. I'm not listening because I'm thinking of Johnny Depp. He was on Inside the Actor's Studio the other night, and I was riveted!! Ok, back to the show..

Commercial between E and F: Jessica puts Paul in a headlock for tickling me a third time. Meanwhile, Yoshi's trying to figure out why Brad Pitt is my favorite actor (yes, he beats Johnny and George Clooney). I tell him Brad's a god, but he's not satisfied with my answer. Jessica says hers is Matthew McConaughey and I jeer at her.

F block: Something happens.

G block: For some reason Jessica decides to give me a piggyback. Damn, the girl is strong. Seriously!! We hijack Pat and Leo's final emails and fade to black.

That was my Tss. Live. blog. I hope you liked it.