There's No Place Like Home.

Don't let the title fool you- I really could have used another week or two. Man, do vacations rule! Kevin and I each took about 500 pictures- put 'em together and we've got a TON of frozen memories. And a few cool videos, too- one featuring an Irish burro eagerly devouring the apple we offered out the window as a peace offering. My Nikon held up. More on that during our Digital Cam War Finale on Monday's TSS.

It was a truly wonderful journey through the U.K. and Republic of Ireland. I'm too jet lagged and hungry to say much more, but rest assured I'll be writing a novella after a night or two of hibernation. For now, enjoy a few pics!

From London's ferris wheel we marvel at Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament:

My Mirror Project obsession produces a fine piece at the local laundrette:

Chillin above Ireland's Cliffs of Moher:

A nice little beach along the Ring of Kerry:

I hear my bed calling me. It's been terribly neglected and I must try to salvage our friendship. More pics and stories to come!