Dublin. Word.

Ok, I'm in Dublin, in a little internet cafe above Grafton St (main shopping hub). Just used Burger King for the bathroom- the only reason I would ever enter BK inside or outside the States.

Ireland is so great. Moving here as soon as I win the lottery. We stayed out on the pier north of the city in a little town called Howth for a couple nights, right alongside the ocean and a unique tidepool. Now in the heart of the city, staying one more night and then renting a car and heading for the hills.

A highlight from this morning was when an elderly man stopped us and asked where we were from (Kevin's Oregon shirt tipped him off). When learning we came from NorCal, he told me he knew I was of Irish descent- the lips and the cheekbones gave me away, he said, although he said my jaw was Anglo (damn). He approved of Lane, as it's a strong Irish surname. He wasn't so sure about Rose, but thought Kevin to perhaps have lineage from Eire's Northern regions- the hair and the eyebrows. A really cool chance encounter with a friendly old Irish fellow, and then he was gone.

This has been SUCH a trip so far, and I still have a week left!! The laptop's at the hotel, no pics this time. But trust that I have hundreds. Still love the Nikon, though I admit to being jealous of the Canon's petite frame.

It's so refreshing to go somewhere far, far away, and be remined that the Earth spins around the sun the exact same way every single day, regardless of where you lay your weary head. That said, absolutely nothing puts the spark back in my eye like a good vacation far from home. Dr. Bobby helps.

Viva Europa!