A little of everything.

For some reason working in television makes me watch less television. You'd think we'd all be a bunch of TV junkies, but I actually think most of us don't want to turn work back on when we get home. That said, I do have my guilty viewing pleasures. And they're really guilty.

1. Inside the Actor's Studio on Bravo- I don't care who the actor is. If that show's on, I'll watch. I always want to know what their favorite cuss words are, and if he exists, what they'd like God to say as they're entering the pearly gates. And that James Lipton! What a kidder.

2. Emeril on Food Network- I know it's really dorky to have a band on your cooking set and all that jazz, but let's face it. Emeril can cook. I love to watch good food come together! But I don't clap like the others.

3. Maternity Ward on TLC-- I can't watch reality medical shows. I hate them. They make me seriously ill. Except when it's about babies, and then I'm riveted.

4. Golden Girls reruns on Lifetime- I'm sorry, but that show is absolutely brilliant. Bea Arthur, you're my hero.

In saner news, I just paid off all my credit card debt! While this great feat required me to slash into my modest nest egg (always a drag), the rewards clearly shine brighter. I literally laughed out loud as I cut up my stupid WebMiles Visa card. Goodbye! Never again will I be coaxed into a bogus deal with your manipulative kind! Boy, it feels good to be just a little bit more free.

Let's see... I just bought a dress for a friend's wedding. Women's clothing is such a rip! But it's a really nice dress. I rationalize it by telling myself I'll just wear it to a bunch of other weddings coming up soon (of which there are none). And I wonder how I got into debt....

Ok, Blanche is buying a new car and Rose might buy her old one.. gotta go.