It's like 90 degrees in SF today. And yesterday. And the day before. It's HOT. I can tell by the flags that the wind's blowing straight offshore. You surfers out there know what I mean. Epic!!!

Tomorrow I'm going up north to visit my folks and take their brand-new kayaks out for a spin on the Russian River. Can't wait, except for the fact that if it's 90 degrees here, it's probably 100 degrees there. Let the sunblock commence! And where's my damn hat?

A year ago, the mere thought of my parents owning kayaks would have me choking on my Heritage oats. Why? Dunno, we've just never been one of those "boat" families. Who has the time and money for silly water toys?

Well, a lot can change in a year. My dad's been battling stage 4 cancer since last December when doctors told him he was pretty much doomed. I won't go into the grim details of chemotherapy and sickness. Just don't believe everything the experts say, because miracles do happen. After many grueling months of pain and patience, my dad was recently awarded the presitigous title of REMISSION!!!! Holla!

There's something about looking death in the face that makes you view your own fragility in ways you never could before. Even I still don't truly understand that kind of power. But for my family, time has proven itself life's most precious commodity. Why wait? There are trips to take! Oceans to gaze upon! Food to savor! Hugs to give! Love to share! Kayaks to plunk down in the river for a lovely aquatic picnic smack dab in the middle of nature's finest!

And so tomorrow, we'll go and have a ball and be glad that we're lucky enough to look up at the sky and blow a kiss to whoever is responsible for another fabulous day in the fabulous world. We are SO a boat family.

It's HOT outside. And it feels great! Enjoy today, wherever you are.