Windows Tweak: Remove Desktop Icon Titles

Have you ever tried to completely remove the titles under your desktop icons? With certain Windows icons like “My Computer” and “Internet Explorer”, a simple rename using a single spacebar keystroke will do the trick, but not with most of your other programs. They need an actual name, and will revert back to their originals if you try to remove them completely.

Today’s tweak is a great trick that replaces text you can read with text your computer does not display. Windows will not let you name an icon with a single spacebar entry, but it will let you use the ASCII code for a space, which is 0160.

Here’s how you do it:

1. To rename your icon, right-click and choose Rename.

2. Erase all text.

3. Make sure the NumLock key in on. Hold down the Alt key while typing 0160 on your number pad.

4. After typing in 0160, let go of the Alt key. You’ll see a blank space inserted with your cursor.

5. Press Enter to save the new name.

This method gets more complicated when you want to remove the text of multiple icons. Since Windows still needs each icon to have a unique name, the above instructions should only work for one icon. A solution is to enter the ASCII code following directions 1-5, then repeating steps 1-5 again within the same icon (which will move the cursor two spaces). As long as each icon has a different “name”, you’ll get the same results.

I recommend this tweak for anyone who likes a simple, clean desktop free of any unnecessary clutter. Of course, not having too many icons is a plus or you run the risk of forgetting what they all mean.