Download of the Day: Madotate

If you're looking to soup up Windows for free, then I highly recommend Madotate for an afternoon of fun.

Once running, Madotate will allow all open windows to be docked in 3D to the left, right, top, or bottom of the screen and arranged to your liking. It's window independent so Madotate doesn't use a lot of resources and keeps you in total control.

A couple tips before starting: make sure you have WinRAR or equivalent to open RAR files. Then make sure you extract both "madotate.exe" and "mtatecfg.exe", or else you won't be able to read the settings menu.

Madotate was originally written in Japanese, and recently someone translated enough of the setting prefs to get by. When you right-click Madotate in your system tray, you'll still see a bunch of jibberish, but I after some trial and error I figured out the context menu. Here are your options, from top to bottom:

1. Convert all open windows to 3D

2. Convert all open 3D windows to normal view

3. Open settings menu (in English)

4. About Madotate

5. Exit

There aren't many downloads that require this level of detective work, but it was 5 minutes well spent. Ha ha! Thanks to Nate for the link!