A Rainy Sunday...

So I'm sitting here at work on what should have been a office-free day because my cable modem is down at home and I can't get my thoughts straight for the coming week unless I have my superhighway. Sad but true.

Anybody watch the show "House" on FOX? I'm visiting their set tomorrow morning to watch some medical drama action and meet the cast. Hoping it goes well. Loving this part of my job!

I've heard that some people don't like UGG boots because they consider them "UGG-ly." I'm quite, quite sure that said people do not own a pair of UGG boots. I bought some pink ones earlier this year and can't imagine another cold, rainy day without them. Yes, L.A. is often cold and rainy during the winter, and proper foot therapy is essential. So what if they're not slim stilettos? They're pink, and that's what matters.

Just a little over 2 weeks until our big vacation, did I mention this yet? I'll be spending a good part of December somewhere along the Bay of Banderas... kayaking, hiking, getting massages, exploring the jungle, and sipping margaritas by the pool. We'll have zero internet connectivity, but we'll have a private villa, a mosquito net, and each other.

It's always weird being at work on a Sunday. Nobody's around, so every time I hear a noise I freak out. It's ridiculous, but I'm easily spooked. Rather than torture myself any longer, I'm off to Whole Foods to stock up on Kombucha... see you later!