Celluloid Lane: Ocean's Twelve

Oceans12Well, it isn't spectacular, but it also isn't terrible. The sequel to "Ocean's Eleven" stars all the same names, has that familiar swanky vibe, and still involves a large heist, but somehow doesn't ever really get up and moving. You'll love the inevitable plot twists, but you might catch yourself getting bored here and there.

You know them all: Danny Ocean and his band of merry thieves, all back for "Ocean's Twelve". Except this time, they need to steal something reeeeeeally expensive to pay back the casino owner they ripped off in the first movie (yep, he's pissed). As you can imagine, much strategizing ensues, with dashes of comedy for good measure.

What's gotten tiresome after two movies is the way Ocean and his
team always have empty warehouses to hold meetings in, cutting-edge
technology for breaking and entering, and enough smarts to always
outsmart other smart people. I know part of the charm of these guys is
that they're total pros, but I can only go along with so much before it
starts to get silly.

Amazingly enough, Julia Roberts is my favorite part of "Ocean's Twelve". It's a total turnaround for her character from the first film, who I originally found cold and unnecessary. I won't give away the joke, but she redeemed herself.

Small complaints aside, I have no doubt "Ocean's 12" will do splendidly at the box office this weekend, and most of you will feel you at least got your money's worth. And if you're a Brad Pitt/George Clooney fan, you'll probably see it twice.