Red Velvet & the Like

I've never been hugely into Valentine's Day, but through timing and circumstance, I've almost always had one. So when I think about how lonely a fabricated holiday such as this may seem to otherwise happy and functional singles, the bitterness makes sense.

However, there was no bitterness yesterday, as I enjoyed the nicest Valentine's Day in memory. I'm sure Kevin wouldn't appreciate all the little details being shared in print, but I will say that he's one romantic fellow. I think I got the very best apple in the whole orchard, folks! And guys, remember that the beach is always a good idea.

Anyway, I was just looking at my jewelry case when I came upon one of my favorite pieces and realized I have yet to share the source... Kris at Mimosa Studio was kind enough to share some of her work with me recently, and it's utterly fabulous. Yes, I just said utterly fabulous (it's jewelry so I'm allowed to).

Her site is still in progress, but if you're interested her collection, give her a shout. BTW, she's cute too. 

I also got a Valentine's card from my dad yesterday. I think I can safely say he'll always be my #1 Valentine. Thanks, Pops.