Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

I just got back from a whirlwind trip back East for work- 4 flights in 3 days. And as much as I've always loved flying for its ability to get you far away fast, I'm pretty much done with planes otherwise. I think they're hazardous to our health.

Question- what's the protocol for shoes during the security scans at airports? Sometimes they make me take mine off and run them through the machine, sometimes they don't bother. It's a little irksome.. I mean, just pick one. I also had the pleasure of being on one of those new United flights where you have to pay for your meal. This is on a 5.5 hour flight, mind you, where clearly you're gonna want to eat (and expected to the whole time, which is why you didn't pick up a snack before boarding). Isn't that just weird? It's not like they've bumped up the quality on the food and you're paying for the good stuff. This is standard plane food, folks, it's just that now you'll need $10 to participate.

Ok, so I'm mad at planes. But trains are another story. I love trains.

Yesterday in Detroit, Eileen and I rented a Jaguar with an OnStar GPS system. It wasn't really that much more to upgrade from a standard mid-size vehicle, so we did. And oh my! This Onstar system is INCREDIBLE. We typed in our destination address and a soothing voice began giving directions. She already knew our starting point and calculated the two together perfectly. I know she wasn't a real lady, but I pretended. Yeah, I'm a little late to the game on this one!

Time to get horizontal and watch something.

PS- I loved "Big Fish"... rent it soon.