I hate my glasses...

...but I can't deny that they help me focus on computer screen text a lot more easily, and for longer periods of time. 

Because of my increased superhero vision, I did some fun reading today.

Dihydrogen Monoxide - WTF is this and why am I just hearing about it? The site is written like an editorial piece, which annoys me... but otherwise, my interest is peaked. If you have any info, please share.

Edit: Two comments already about this. Ok, ok, April Fool's. I was just experimenting with widespread panic! Buzzkill. However, it's a great tool for you philosophophiles.

Fiji's Calling - Who's with me?

Sour Patch Kids - I truly think people are crazy. I never imagined that at some point in my life, my happiness would upset so many. Wild!

PS- The rest of you are rad.

Swans - Ugh! Shocking! Sick! I'll probably watch, just to see. Tim Goodman is fantastic.

I read a bit more today, but that was just boring TechTV/G4/Comcast stuff that nobody cares about.