Pretty in Pink

Do not adjust your computer monitors... I've moved to TypePad! Why? Because Movable Type was testy, I was getting tired of my old blog layout, and it was time to start fresh and clean.

Two thumbs up for the import/export feature between MT and TP. All my archives have transitioned over seamlessly. It's possible to do this from another blog system into TypePad as well, but it'll take you a bit more work.

If you're viewing sarah.word. in Internet Explorer, you may notice that a couple of my borders look funky, and my header text is kinda ragged. I'm not sure what's up since everything looks breathtakingly perfect in Firefox. Just another reason why IE is no longer king, I guess. I've put in a help ticket request with TypePad, so let's see how the support team rates... (insert Jeopardy theme)

Anyway, while the new and improved sarah.word. is still a work in progress, choosing my layouts and styles have been nothing but smooth sailing! It's like Blogging for Dummies. My grandma could do this. Ok, my grandma couldn't do this. But your grandma might.

My only gripe is that TypePad Plus (8.95/month) won't allow me HTML access, so I'll probably be upgrading to TypePad Pro (14.95/month). Perhaps it's because I spent so much time tinkering with scripts in Moveable Type that I still feel the need to get my hands dirty. I also drive a stick shift in San Francisco, so maybe I just like to do things the hard way. HTML aside, TypePad's ease of use is impressive. Two clean thumbs up so far!

I'd love to get your initial feedback on the upgrade! Just don't complain about the pink. The pink stays.