Something Old… Something New…

Today marks the last day of TechTV before TechTV merges with G4 to become “G4TechTV.”

Many of you have written me to ask what’s really going on with the merger. And I’ve been mum to you all because I want to wait until things are totally, completely, for sure abso-definite before I pass the info along. If you can bear to hear this again, please be patient just a teensy bit longer while life works itself out.

Anyway, tomorrow Kevin and I will both be missing from TSS, with Roger and Cat in our places. But don’t worry, it has nothing to do with the merger. I just happen to be a bridesmaid in my friends Kathy and Ryan’s wedding, so the mister and I are jetting down south to celebrate the festivities. Our comrades from CFH were kind enough to help Pat hold down the fort in our absence, and I thank them.

Now, time to party on the beach for a few days! Check my moblog for the action.

Ok, you’re all informed. Go ahead and make up a conspiracy if you like, but don’t say I didn’t set you straight!

PS- I’ll be one of seven barefoot bridesmaids, complete with an equal number of barefoot groomsmen, a barefooot groom, and a barefoot bride. I understand that a sandy beach wedding kind of calls for this sort of thing, but damn it if I don’t have the cutest red pumps that scream to be a part of this. I mean, really. Shoeless? By choice? Crazy times, man.