Download of the Day: Kapsules

Want a widget-friendly Windows desktop? Then try out Kapsules.

As all you Mac users know, widgets are small, visual programs that run on your desktop. They can be transparent and moved to your location of choice, depending on your mood and organizational habits. The most popular widget program for the Mac is Konfabulator, though the folks who make DesktopX claim their widgets came first. DesktopX widgets are pretty slick, as is the entire DesktopX suite, but I love to try out the new stuff. Especially when it's free. Let me know how your success is with the Kapsules widgets already available for download, but definitely let me know if you design one of your own.

Kapsules also has a pretty hefty development guide for those of you who love to create new toys.

Kapsules works on Windows 2000, XP, and 2003 systems.

Have fun!