Download of the Day: Mercora

Need some inspiration when choosing your next album? Then maybe you're ripe for Mercora, a free downloadable program that allows users to create a personal radio station by streaming their music files.

With Mercora, you simply set up a playlist of music on your computer, start broadcasting it, and wait for someone to tune in. You can share your music with anyone on the Mercora network, or limit it to a chosen group of friends. There's chat, blogging, photo sharing, and online forums built into the interface. Speaking of the interface, it resembles any standard IM client, although I feel like navigation could be a lot smoother. Clicking around through options launches a bunch of separate windows. Wish they were more integrated. Thoughts?

If you're wary about getting involved with yet another shady P2P music service, read how Mercora allows you to stream your webcast legally.

Try it out and let me know what you think. Remember, it's in beta...things aren't completely set in stone yet.

Mac users, check out Rogue Amoeba's slick program for $40. Stream iTunes to anywhere in the world, add your own DJ commentary between songs, and broadcast live events. Thanks to Langley for the link.

Rock on!