Fun With Firefox

Not only does the new 0.9 version of Firefox rock the house, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Mozilla's proud to have slimmed down the new download size to only 4.7 mb for Windows, but the truth is, this uncomplicated browser can be as fancy as your little heart desires.

The secret? Firefox extensions. With Firefox 0.9's new Extension Manager (Tools>Extensions), it's never been easier to keep track of your customizations. Plus, you won't pay a cent for any of them!!

Here are some of my faves:

1. IE View- adds an option to context menu to view in IE if something looks funky in FF
2. Googlebar- Like IE's Google Toolbar, but better
3. Adblock- Tired of ads on your favorite sites? Kill 'em with this tool. Slightly buggy on 0.9, but still worth it.

Want even more helpful extensions? Visit's page for almost 200 fun ones. Keep in mind that some extensions may have been created before FF 0.9, so note the release date and any accompanying documentation before proceeding.

Also worth mentioning: After each extension install, you'll need to close all open FF windows and relaunch the browser to enable the extension. At one point I installed about 5 cool extensions before restarting my browser, and ended up being unable to launch FF because it was eternally "finishing installing extensions." After some cursing and a couple system restarts, I ended up having to launch FF in safe mode (Start>Programs>Mozilla Firefox>Safe Mode) and uninstalling all my extensions to get past the freeze-up and start over. Keep it simple and add 'em one by one, with a FF restart each time, to prevent such chaos for yourself.

Now that I'm totally converted to the Mozilla side, I'm obsessed with Firefox extensions. Please share your favorites in the comments section below... the more we all know, the more power we have.