Win Tweak: Customize Windows Explorer

I've gotten about five million complaints from folks who just hate how Windows Explorer opens in the My Documents folder by default. So today I'll show you an easy way to change that.

First, locate the shortcut that launches Windows Explorer. If you don't have one, go to Start/Programs/Accessories/Windows Explorer and create a shortcut on your desktop. Now, right-click the new shortcut and choose Properties. Click on the Shortcut tab at the top. In the target field, add " /e," to the end of the string (without the quotes). In other words, space, forward slash, the letter e, comma to the end of the current string. At this point, add your destination of choice to the end of the string addition you just added, without any extra spaces.

For example:
" /e,C:\Windows" will open up C:\Windows.
" /e,E:\Sarah's Rollercoaster Pics" will open up that pic folder on my E drive.

Let's say you prefer to launch Windows Explorer via keyboard shortcuts. Right-click the shortcut again and choose Properties. Under the shortcut tab, there is a field called Shortcut Key. It's set to none by default. You can modify it as long as the first two keystrokes are "Control+Alt". I modified mine by clicking in the field and typing "E". It will automatically convert the E into "control+alt+E". You can use any letter you want, as well as many other standard keys.

Now, let's say you prefer to launch Windows Explorer from your Quick Launch toolbar. All you have to do is right-click the current shortcut sitting in your Quick Launch toolbar and delete it. Now, take the shortcut on your desktop we've just modified and drag it into your Quick Launch toolbar. Voila! Now your Quick Launch shortcut for Windows Explorer is updated with your new properties.

Below are two that have me stumped. If you can help, please comment below!!

1. How to carry my new properties over when I use the "Windows Key+E" keyboard shortcut.
2. How to carry my new properties over when I use the "Start/Run/Explorer" launch command.

Customization. The new black.