Palms and Deserts

I'm convinced the palm trees on my new street are trying to jump into the ocean. My block runs north to south, and sits just a few blocks away from the water. So, say you're looking south. The trees bend boldly west, practically uprooting themselves- or at least severing their trunks- in the process of getting just a bit more salty mist. I'm assuming it's the salty mist they like? Because it's not like they were just planted hastily... these dogs have been growing for like 50 years. Very odd.

In tech news, today was the transplants' first day in the new offices at G4TechTV. We had lots of orientation meetings, pizza, and copious helpings of caffeine as we settled into our new cubicles. I love mine- after bribing Dan into switching with me by way of extreme social engineering, I'm in a lovely corner unit with a window right across from Heather and the rest of the Unscrewed crew. Aces!

It's worth mentioning that last week Kevin and I spent some time in Las Vegas to visit family and attend BlackHat and DefCon. I had a great time, thanks in part to the large number of you who kept sending tequila shots to our table. A big high-five to the rest of you who came up and said hello sometime during the downward spiral of a productive weekend... yes, even you, Mr. Drunk Guy who insisted on hugging me. Because of your support, I'm glad I made the Def pilgrimage. 

However, I'm going to be honest. I'm a HUGE magic fan, and so the highlight of my 5-day trip to the desert was undoubtedly the Lance Burton show at the Monte Carlo. How does he do it? If you haven't seen his shtick yet, do yourself a favor and book a couple seats during your next gambling adventure. You'll be amazed!