TSS Premiere!

Well ladies and gents, today's the day! Our brand-new Screen Savers premiere episode airs live in Los Angeles this evening at 7 pm Eastern, 4 pm Pacific on G4TechTV. I sure hope you can all tune in!

Even though all the best of TSS that you know and love is totally intact, you'll see a lot of new elements too. We've got a shiny new set, a thrillingly capable new co-host, an audience twice the size of what we're used to, a LAN party area that must be seen to be believed, and an (almost) completely new crew. It's going to be familiar and comforting, yet refreshingly different and exciting- that's what we're hoping, anyway!

Please make use of the comments area here and tell me your thoughts on our new Screen Savers. We're still learning what works and doesn't work, so now's the time to speak up. I expect there'll be quite a bit of talk around the net about this topic, but at least here I'm guaranteed to read it and take your observations and suggestions into consideration. That is, unless you tell me to wear more bikinis and jump on trampolines. Then I'll just buy more black, shapeless smocks to spite you! Don't think I won't!

Thanks again for everyone's support. Every time I receive a positive email from one of you, I'm reminded of how lucky I am to be part of this machine.