The Best Week Ever

Some pics from Verana, the closest I've ever been to paradise:

Dscn0032_1Every morning as the sun rose over the jungle, tea and muffins were delivered to our patio. Sometimes Verana's resident feline, Max, would stop by and ask for cream before following us down the hill for breakfast.

Dscn0095On a day trip to the Marietas Islands, we were lucky enough to run across a family of blue-footed boobies, rare birds usually seen only in the Galapagos Islands, and some humpback whales on our way back to the mainland.

Dscn0119Anyone up for a strenuous afternoon of book reading, fishing boat watching, and cerveza sipping? Me too! I read three novels in seven days.

Dscn0168Our dinner chef, Fabian, unveiled a taco feast you'd have to see to believe. All meals were included in our stay at Verana, and every single dish was outstanding. I can't say enough about how well we ate, though I'm not sure I should have polished off all those desserts (14, to be exact).

Dscn0194_1Ok, just tell me this doesn't look romantic! Actually, all the houses were pretty open to the elements, so a hanging net kept the mosquitoes, scorpions and bats from sharing our nightly abode. We never really had a problem, but better safe than sorry in the jungle.

Dscn0221See our Stone House? We blended right in with nature. All the houses at Verana are very, very unique and have their own special perks, but I loved ours the best. We even named our bat.

Dscn0143A little vino at dusk, overlooking the pool, overlooking the Pacific. Not too shabby, my friends. Remind me again why I need a computer?

Now we're officially into 2005 and it's back to work in a couple days. As you can imagine, I'm dragging my feet juuuuust a tad. Hope this marks the beginning of a wonderful new year for all of us, and here's to sticking to our resolutions.