The Lake Effect and Other Adventures

Hi all,

Thought I'd take a break from Thanksgiving packing and say hello. Later today I'll be off to Chicago for the rest of the week, where I hear high temperatures are soaring into the 30s. Even though living in California can't be beat (it's been 80 degrees all week, just sayin), it'll be nice to see a snow flurry or two. To date, the only time I've experienced snow in a major city was during a visit to Boston in 2001. And that was something.

So anyway, while boldly braving hypothermia and black ice (a fascinating concept I've yet to fully grasp), I'm off to my second favorite city in the U.S. to eat, drink, and be merry for turkey day. Yes, Chicago has surpassed New York City as the second best metropolitan spot in our great nation, the first obviously being San Francisco. It's hard to explain why. I just like the Chicago vibe. I like the pizza, I like the people, and I think the victorians in Oak Park give Pacific Heights a run for its money. Then again, Chicago may very well fall back to the #3 spot if my nose falls off during a crippling wind chill. Stay tuned.

Oh, there's another reason Thanksgiving is a little different this year. I'll be eating holiday turkey for the first time in a decade! Yes folks, a few months ago I broke a 10-year no meat policy and ate a turkey sandwich. I was just really hungry and it happened. So I'm back on the fowl train, and restaurant menus have since become four times as fun! I still like stuffing the best, though. Oh, and pumpkin pie. With Cool Whip.

Have a great holiday and see you back on the tube next Monday. I'll be a few lbs heavier and may resemble a small turkey.